1. PACKAGING FROM PRESENTS - If you celebrate Christmas in the form of giving presents to members of your household, be mindful how you dispose of product packaging. It’s not uncommon for professional burglars to rifle through your rubbish or recycling in order to find out what value and types of presents might be inside your home. Although it might not seem very practical, the best time to dispose of packaging is the night before your collection day or better still first thing in the morning of collection day.
  2. MAIL - If you’re going away over the Christmas / New Year period arrange for a neighbour or friend to collect your mail...

The DIY trend in New Zealand is continuing to grow at an outstanding pace.

Many people don’t realise that home security can also be DIY!

The older style alarm systems required an electrician or security alarm technician to install it which added to the overall cost and in addition to this often there would be an ongoing contract for the back-to-base monitoring service.

With the invention of wireless security alarm systems are there is no need to run wires between the alarm panel and other devices like PIR motion sensors, keypads or strobe sirens.

DIY security alarms have been around for about 30 years but over the last ten...

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Security Cameras are fast becoming a critical part of all home and business security systems.  With only a limited portion of the population using video cameras, savvy burglars are quick to move on to easier targets when a camera is on site. Many people are citing Australia’s drop in property related theft to the increased focus on security measures.

Here are just a few of the key reasons why wireless video security should be part of your security system:

1.       Deterrent for criminal activities – burglaries are less likely to occur in homes and businesses where cameras are in place. With less than 17%

2.       Allows you...

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Tomorrow is the launch of CeBIT -  the world's largest and most international computer expo.

CeBIT 2015 will be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park from Tuesday the 5th to Thursday the 7th of May. There will be a huge range of exhibitors showcasing new technologies from all around the globe so if you’re a tech-head at heart, and like to keep ahead of the game, you won’t want to miss it.

This year will be Chuango’s first attendance with the Security Alarm Services team where together they will be showcasing several new IP, Wifi, LAN and 3G security systems which are soon to hit the market.

We are excited to announce that this...

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PIR’s (Passive Infrared) are a type of wireless motion sensor used to detect the body movement of humans. 

The Chuango PIR-910 is a pet-immune sensor consisting of a digital dual-core fuzzy logic infrared control chip allowing it to effectively identify human body movement.

It offers a pet immune feature which is suitable for smaller dogs with a body weight of 25kg or less.

Unfortunately, for those of us who have a pet that is likely to jump up onto furniture or climb onto benchtops this is likely to cause false alarms. To ensure accurate detection, it’s essential the PIR is installed at the correct height and...

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Security Alarm Services has just turned 5!

From humble beginnings back in 2010, SAS has become Australasia’s DIY Home Security Specialist.

SAS was born from the need to provide easy to use, affordable yet high quality wireless alarm systems that people could install themselves. After extensive research of both national and international suppliers, Founder Nick Butler was pleased to find Chuango Security Technology Corporation who specialise in manufacturing wireless smart home technology ranging from DIY security to home automation.

Security Alarm Services core product is the international award-winning Chuango G5 Touch...