Chuango Alarm Control Panel Questions:

A. Yes. Security Alarm Services (SAS) Ltd has invested thousands of dollars to have our products tested and approved with A & C-TICK compliance. This approval meets the standards for New Zealand and Australia. The certification is issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).  Our approval number is N29249.
A. The first thing to consider is the functions and features you require from your alarm system. You should consider the following: Standalone or self-monitoring via SMS/Calling? Home arming for when you’re asleep at night? How many people will be using the system? Do you require a keypad or will remote controls be sufficient for arming and disarming the alarm? Do you want to be notified by SMS when a user has disarmed the alarm? How many areas, rooms, doors and windows do you need to protect with alarm sensors and detectors? These are just some general questions you should consider. You can always call us on 0800 888 727 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to recommend the most suitable alarm system.
A. This is an alarm that does not have any self-monitoring or back to base monitoring. When the alarm is triggered it sounds the sirens and any connected strobes will flash. This is also known as a local alarm.
A. Our Chuango G5 alarm will allow you to self-monitor your protected premises using your mobile phone and/or a landline. This means when an event occurs that triggers your alarm system, it will send an SMS alert to up to 5 stored numbers and in addition the Chuango G5 can then dial up to 5 stored numbers if programmed to do so. This function is optional and the Chuango G5 will require a SIM card with credit.
A. You can download the App for free and it can be used to set up your alarm system. You can also use the App to arm and disarm your system remotely. There are a number features with the App and it is important to note that the App will convert any command into an SMS therefore it does not use your wifi or data allowance. The App is optional as you can also set up your system simply by sending SMS commands.
A. No we do not. Unfortunately the B11 is not compatible to operate in New Zealand or Australia. When a phone line is connected to the system it creates noise on the phone line making it very hard to hear. It also interferes with ADSL services. This is why we do not stock this product. We have had discussions with Chuango about this and it has been decided that the product will not be modified for New Zealand or Australia due to low sales demand. This is also the case for the A11. The G5 system is in higher demand and provides better options and better SMS features than the B11. The B11 primarily relies on the phone line connection for alarm notification and it uses GSM as a backup. If there is an alarm condition the B11 simply dials stored numbers however you will not know what zone has been triggered furthermore you will not receive any notification if there has been a power failure, power restore or any low battery voltage alerts for sensors. The G5 does provide all these features as part of the operating system. We understand the B11 and A11 are available from other online stores overseas however please be advised that these products are not certified or approved for use in New Zealand or Australia. In addition to this there will be no warranty provided for Chuango products purchased from overseas.
A. 433MHz. This is the correct and approved working frequency for New Zealand and Australia.
A. There is a tamper switch on the back of the panel which will trigger an alarm if the panel is interfered with.
A. We recommend installing the G5 panel in a central location within your home or property. This will allow for maximum wireless signal coverage for all your wireless accessories. The G5 panel should be installed in a safe location out of direct visual sight. If a break-in occurred it is important that a sensor such as a PIR is triggered before an intruder could make their way to the control panel.
Usually not however we recommend that no other wireless devices such as cordless phones, wifi modems and routers are located within two metres of the G5 control panel. This will help with strong communication signals between your wireless devices and accessories.
A. Yes there is. The backup battery will provide approximately 5 hours of standby power. If there is a power outage the Chuango G5 will send you an SMS notification to inform you of the power outage. You can then take the appropriate action. When the power is restored the G5 will send you a further SMS notification to update you on the power status.
A. If you want to use the self-monitoring function you will need a standard size 3G SIM card. Because the Chuango G5 alarm works on the GSM (2G) network you will need a SIM card from Vodafone or 2Degress. Spark (previously known as Telecom) do not operate a GSM network therefore a Spark SIM card will not work.
A. The Chuango G5 alarm will manage up to 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID swipe tags, 10 remote controls, unlimited wireless strobe sirens and unlimited hardwired sensors.
A. Yes. You can set the system up so that only part of your home is armed when you are at home. Some people use this feature to secure their home when they are sleeping. This means you can move about in a selected area of your home without setting the alarm off.
A. The 24hour zone is designed for the likes of smoke detectors, panic buttons or other devices that require 24hour monitoring. If a sensor is set to the 24hour zone and is triggered it will sound the alarm regardless if the alarm panel is armed or disarmed. This is ideal for smoke detectors in case a fire starts when you are home and your alarm is disarmed.

Strobes & Sirens

A. It really depends on which suits your needs best, if you have mains power close by to where the strobe siren is going to be mounted then the WS-280 mains powered option would work fine. If there is no mains power available then the SPS-260 solar powered strobe siren could be more suitable. Solar panelled strobe sirens need to receive ‘some’ direct sunlight most days and it is best to install these away from any eves.
A. Yes. The SPS-260 solar powered strobe siren is completely wireless as is the WS-105 indoor mini strobe siren. The WS-280 mains powered outdoor strobe siren must be plugged into a mains power point but is not hardwired back to the control panel. All our strobe sirens have a built-in battery backup in case of power failure or lack of sun due to bad weather. The mains powered strobe sirens will operate up to 72 hours without mains power and the solar powered unit will last for up to 30 days without sunlight.
A. This is an optional item for your alarm system. They are a great add-on to your system because they are wireless and simply plug into a mains power point. They provide additional noise inside your property in the case of an alarm activation.
A. Yes. There is an output terminal on the back of the G5 alarm panel. You can connect one hardwired outdoor strobe siren with a maximum rating of 500mA.

Sensors and Detectors:

A. PIR stands for Passive Infrared and this is an electrical component used in a PIR motion sensor. It detects movement and heat of an object passing through its detection range ie. human body. PIR’s are used to protect open spaces such as a lounge room, bedroom, living room, hall way s etc.
A. Our PIR-910 is pet immune up to approximately 25kg in total animal weight. If you have one or more dogs with a combined weight exceeding 25kg the pet immune function will not work and you will experience false alarms. 25kg is a guide only. Animal height also plays a factor when the PIR sensor is determining whether an object is human or animal. Cats can falsely trigger pet immune PIR’s if they climb on tables, lounge chairs and kitchen benches. It’s very important to install pet immune PIR’s correctly and in the right location. NB. The following PIR’s are not pet immune: PIR-700, PIR-800, PIR-900
A. No. The PIR’s we sell are for indoor use only. Installing these outside will course false alarms.
A. PIR-700: 360 degrees by 6 metres A. PIR-800: 15 degrees by 5 metres A. PIR-900 & PIR-910: 110 degrees by 8 metres
A. These are also known as Reed Switches. There are two parts to this sensor. One is the Reed switch (larger part) and the other is a magnet. When the magnet is parted from the Reed switch this triggers the sensor.
A. Our smoke detectors are Photoelectric which are suitable for most applications giving the fastest response to slow burning or smouldering fires which give rise to large visible smoke particles. Please note we do not sell Ionization smoke detectors.
A. We recommend changing the batteries yearly however some sensors have a two way reporting function which means you will receive an SMS alerting you to which wireless sensors need to have a new battery. We still recommend you check each sensor once a year.
A. PIR-700, PIR-900 & PIR-910 - 2 x AA A. PIR-800 - 2 x AAA A. DWC-102 (Reed Switch) - 1 x AA A. SMK-500 (Smoke Detector) - 1 x 9volt The PIR-910 and the Reed switch DWC-102 have a two way reporting which means you will receive an SMS alerting you to a low battery condition.

Remote Controls, RFID Tags & Wireless Keypads:

A. A maximum of 10 remote controls can be connected to the G5. This can be a combination of remote controls or wireless keypads.
A. RFID Tags are used to disarm the G5 alarm by holding the tag up to the round circle on the G5 panel. They can also be used with the KP-700 wireless keypad to disarm the system. You can have a maximum of 50 RFID Tags connected to the system. An additional feature is that you can program the first four RFID Tags to send a System Disarm SMS Alert to a stored mobile number. This is a great feature if you want to know when your system has been disarmed.

Other Questions:

A. Security Alarm Service (SAS) Ltd is an authorised agent and distributor of Chuango Security Technology Corporation. We only sell genuine Chuango products and we provide a local two year warranty which is backed by Chuango. Unless these other online stores are authorised to sell Chuango products there will be no warranty and it is likely you are purchasing a fake copy of the Chuango brand and not the genuine Chuango product. Below is a link to Chuango’s website with their statement on un-authorised sellers of their branded products. http://www.chuango.com/english/newsdet.asp?moduletype=2&channelid=2&id=86
A. SAS is an authorised Chuango agent and distributor in New Zealand and Australia. We only sell the genuine Chuango product. We are local which means if there is a warranty issue you don’t need to be concerned as we take care of this for you. Being local means you have access to our aftersales technical support from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.
A. GSM is the 2G mobile communications network used by the Chuango G5 alarm panel. Vodafone and 2 Degrees operate this network along with their own 3G and 4G networks. It is important to know that Spark (previously known as Telecom) does not have a GSM/2G network therefore their SIM cards will not work with the G5 alarm. You will require a standard size SIM card in order to connect to the Vodafone or 2Degrees network.
A. Short Message Service known as an SMS or text (txt) is simply a message sent to or from your mobile phone.
A. 433MHz. This is the correct and approved working frequency for New Zealand and Australia.
A. Not always. Before you make a purchase it is always a good idea to ensure the product is on the correct and approved frequency of 433MHz. Chuango products purchased direct from China will be on the 315MHz frequency which is not compatible with our approved products. In addition to this, Chuango products purchased from online stores overseas means that there will be no warranty on those items. Chuango only offers warranty on products purchased through an authorised distributor or reseller such as Security Alarm Services. Below is a link to the Chuango website that clearly states Chuango’s position on their product warranty conditions: http://www.chuango.com/english/newsdet.asp?moduletype=2&channelid=2&id=86
A. This is not a requirement as our products are designed with simple ‘DIY’ in mind. Our alarm systems are partly pre-programed when they are dispatched from our office which helps make the installation process very easy. If you prefer to have an installation service please contact us on 0800 888 727 and we will check if we service your location. Currently installations are available in Christchurch and Auckland.
We also have a G5 Installation video available on You Tube here.
A. Security Alarm Services (SAS) Ltd prides itself on the amount of positive feedback when it comes to after sales customer service and technical support. We provide this service via telephone and email and best of all we provide this service free of charge.
A. Yes we do. Security Alarm Services (SAS) Pty Ltd is also located in Brisbane Australia. You can visit the website at www.securityalarmservices.com.au or contact the office on 1300 855 255.