Flood, Glass Break & Vibration Sensors

Flood, Glass Break & Vibration Sensors
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Chuango Wireless Glass Break Sensor - GT-126
Wireless glass break sensors are used to detect when a window is smashed. They cover an area of up to 6x6 metres so they can protect a number of windows. They require a mains power connection and come with a 12volt power adaptor. Specifications: Transmission range: 40 metres (open area) Transmission range: 30 metres (through two walls) ..
Chuango Wireless Vibration Sensor - WD-80
Wireless vibration sensors will detect the presence of vibration on a flat surface. They can be used on accessible windows as they will detect if someone bangs or tries to smash the window. If you have sliding windows you can adjust the sensitivity to detect sliding movement. The WD-80 can also be used on the outside of a safe. Specifications: Model..............................................WD-80 Wireless Working Frequency..........433MHz – Approved for NZ & AU Wireless Transmissi..
Chuango Wireless Flood Sensor - WI-200
Wireless flood sensors are used to detect the presence of water such as flooding. They are a good idea to have in areas of the home or workplace where flooding might occur as a result of taps accidentally being left on. This could be useful in a laundry or bathroom location. The sensor is usually fitted at ground level and the signal transmitter to a wall or skirting board. When the sensor detects water a signal is sent to the alarm control panel and it will trigger the alarm regardless if th..