Chuango Local Alarms (No Monitoring)

Chuango Local Alarms (No Monitoring)
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Chuango 'Mini Starter' Wireless On-Site DIY Home Security Alarm - (CG-105S)
The WS-S wireless DIY home security alarm system is perfect to secure a small home or office. With an on-site alarm, strobe siren, door/ window sensor, motion sensor (PIR) and remote controls with 24 hour panic button, this system is the perfect start for anyone wanting to try a wireless DIY security alarm. The WS-S can also be expanded with you as you grow. About this alarm package: Suitable for a small size home or office On-site Local Alarm Only - (no self-monitoring or back to..
Chuango 'Starter' DIY On-Site Wireless Home Security Alarm - (WS2-S)
The Chuango "Starter" on-site DIY Wireless Home Security Alarm System is the perfect system for a small sized home or office. Containing a mains powered strobe siren, *pet immune motion sensor (PIR), wireless door or window sensor, and two remote controls with a panic button, this system will act not only act as a deterrent to potential intruders, in the unlikely event of a break in will immediately bring attention to yourself, neighbours and authorities. Despite being a "Starter" package, t..
Chuango 'Starter' DIY On-Site Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Alarm - (SPS-S)
Looking for a DIY alarm package to secure a small area with no mains power? Look no further... The Chuango "Starter" DIY Wireless on-site Solar Powered Home Security Alarm system is suitable for any small sized home or office and has the added advantage of being able to expand as you grow. This system can even be used as a boat alarm or caravan alarm. About this alarm package: Suitable for a small size home or office Standalone Local Alarm Only - (no self-monitoring or back to ba..
Chuango 'Starter Kit' Wireless On-Site DIY Outdoor Solar Powered Security Alarm - (SPS-926)
This wireless Chuango DIY "Starter Kit" solar powered On-Site outdoor alarm system is ideal for protecting back yards, open areas, sheds and other outdoor areas. The solar powered strobe siren and PIR with Microwave dual technology are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery so the system is totally wireless. The strobe siren has up to 30 days standby power and the PIR-926 up to 150 days. This means if there is no sun for a long period of time, the alarm system will continue working until the ..
1 x Chuango G5 Starter Kit 1 x SOS-100 1 x YK1K-SOS ..