Chuango G5W (3G) 'Deluxe 280' Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm

Brand: Chuango
Product Code: G5W-D280
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The Chuango G5W (3G) 'Deluxe 280' Wireless DIY Security Alarm uses the latest technology and operates on any New Zealand 3G mobile network. This package is popular for medium to large size homes, offices and apartments. Included is an additional wireless keypad & RFID tag reader which is very useful for arming and disarming the Chuango G5W (3G) from the front or back door. This DIY security system has an outdoor mains powered strobe siren which acts as an excellent deterrent to burglars. The G5W (3G) can manage up to 50 wireless sensors and detectors so you can expand your alarm system as you need. You can arm and disarm the G5W (3G) via smartphone app, keypad, swipe tag, SMS, remote control or free phone call. For more information on this DIY security system and how to install it, you can view a short You Tube clip below.


DIY Security Alarm Package Includes:

  • 1 x Chuango G5W (3G) control panel kit including power supply and back-up battery
  • 1 x wireless Chuango outdoor mains powered strobe siren with power adaptor and back-up battery
  • 1 x Chuango wireless keypad with RFID tag reader
  • 5 x wireless Chuango PIR's (pet immune up to approximately 25kg)
  • 1 x wireless door/window sensor
  • 2 x remote controls with 24hr panic button
  • 2 x Chuango RFID swipe tags

Standard Inclusions in all packages

  • 3 x security warning stickers
  • 1 x operation manual
  • 1 x Security Alarm Services Installation Guide
  • Long Life Batteries in all products
  • Free after-sales technical support via phone or email

Features list:

  • 3G mobile networks 850MHz / 2100MHz (Spark, Vodafone or 2 Degrees)
  • Status warning tone if 3G mobile connection is dropped
  • 3G signal strength test via SMS
  • Arm/Disarm with RFID swipe tag and an SMS notification including username of RFID tag will be sent to system Administrator
  • Away/Stay/Home arming (away for full arming or home/stay for partial arming ie. night time)
  • Arming and disarming via Remote Control, Keypad, SMS, RFID Tag or free phone call
  • Home Zone Group for partial arming ie. Night time arming
  • Door Chime option on entry zone
  • Exit and Entry delay options
  • Zone name customisation ie. Zone 1 becomes "Master Bedroom PIR", Zone 2 changed to "Glass Break Lounge Room" etc..
  • Store up to 5 mobile numbers for SMS notification if the alarm is triggered
  • An extra 5 numbers can be programmed for the alarm system to call when the alarm is triggered
  • Record outgoing 10 second voice message which will be played to stored phone numbers if the alarm is triggered
  • Store up to 5 mobile numbers for SMS system status alerts ie. Power failure, power restore, low battery issues etc.
  • Built in 85dB siren and loud speaker
  • Listen-in function simply by sending an SMS to the control panel – it will call you back
  • 24hour emergency alarm zone, ideal for panic buttons or smoke detectors
  • 1 speed-dial number can be programmed and allocated to the dedicated speed-dial button
  • Supports: 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID swipe tags, 10 remote controls and/or wireless keypads, Unlimited wireless strobe sirens
Model Chuango G5W-D280
Application Medium - Large Home / Office / Unit
Control Panel Communication Methods SMS and/or Phone Call
3g Communication Module & Frequencies 3G - 850MHz / 2100MHz (Spark//Vodafone/2Degrees)
Self-Monitored or Local Alarm (No Monitoring) Can be either
SMS Alerts for Low Battery, Power Fail/Restore Yes
Free Apple & Android APP Yes
PIR Detection Range 8 metres outwards, 110 degree angle
Wireless Working Frequency 433MHz – Approved for AU & NZ
Wireless Transmission Range Approx. 30 metres through two walls
Outdoor Strobe Siren Volume 105dB
Back-up Battery Yes (Approx. 5 hours standby power)
Power Supply 12volt DC 500mA
Warranty 2 years