DIY Installation


As soon as we see the letters “DIY” (Do it Yourself) often the first thing that comes to mind is ‘define’ DIY! 

At SAS “DIY” really does mean “Do it Yourself”.

The Chuango products we sell have been designed & manufactured with the end user in mind to be both easy to use and install without the need for external parties to be involved. However, if DIY is not your thing feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to put you in touch with an installer within your area.  

Chuango DIY Alarm System Installation Guide


Please note: Every alarm system we send out contains a Basic Installation Guide which contains step by step instructions on how to install your alarm system. We also provide phone support from 7am to 7pm, 7 days per week.



1.     Plug the G5 Alarm Panel into a mains power point.

2.     Plug the wireless Mains Powered Strobe Siren into a separate mains power point.

3.     If you have ordered a Solar Powered Outdoor Strobe Siren place this in an appropriate position (as advised in the instruction manual)

4.     Position the PIR Motion Sensors as described* with a bracket and 2 screws.

5.     Mount the Door/Window Sensors using double sided adhesive tape (provided).

You’re good to go! It’s that easy!



Some of our customers do elect to use an electrician. This is generally because they don’t have the time (or desire!) to install the system or because they need assistance to place cables/ power points in a certain positions.



Call us for free after sales technical support via telephone or email.

Free Call: 0800 888 727

International: +64 3 3529 727


Our team is contactable from 9am - 5pm M-F and 9am - 1pm Sat.

If you don’t get to speak with one of us you will go through to a live answer service, just leave a message and we promise to call you back!


SAS has been selling Chuango alarm systems for more than 4 years. While some end users need assistance, most don’t. The FAQ’s on our website is regularly updated to reflect our customers most common queries. You can find it here.