Selecting the right Alarm System

When selecting a security alarm it is important to consider what features and functionality you require from the system. Depending on the type you choose, you can detect a variety of things – from human body motion to flooding water and even glass breakage. You may decide you want to ‘self-monitor’ your alarm system via mobile phone or perhaps you are only requiring a ‘standalone’ (local) system which has no self-monitoring.

Below is a simple questionnaire you may like to use to assist you in your decision making process or if you would prefer, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Standalone also known as a ‘Local’ means that if your alarm system is triggered the strobes and sirens will flash and make noise locally but will not notify you of an alarm condition. The system will reset after a pre-set time. If this is what you are looking for go to our Standalone (Local) Security Alarms.

A Self-monitored System will require a SIM card and will therefore SMS/Call the stored numbers when there is an alarm condition, mains power failure or restore and low battery status alerts. You also have the flexibility to arm and disarm the system from your mobile phone. There are a number of other remote controlling features too. The Chuango G5 GSM/SMS Touch Panel Alarm is the one for you.

Will you be requiring Home/Night arming for when you’re asleep at night?
If the answer to this is ‘yes’ then the Chuango G5 GSM/SMS Touch Panel System is the correct panel for you. The G5 allows for home/night arming.

How many people will be using the system?
When there are multiple people using the system, having a wireless keypad at the main entrance point can be very useful for arming and disarming the alarm system. Arming and disarming can be carried out via remote control, keypad, RFID swipe tags or by using your mobile phone if you have a self-monitored system.

Do you want to be notified by SMS when a user has disarmed the alarm?
If the answer is ‘yes’ then the Chuango G5 GSM/SMS Touch Screen Alarm is the panel you will require as it has this function.

How many areas, rooms, doors and windows do you need to protect?
We suggest having Motion Sensors (PIR’s) covering entrance ways, the hallway, living areas, master bedroom and any other areas where you have valuable items that need protecting.

Door/window sensors are ideal for most types of doors and window and many customers find it very comforting knowing they can arm their Chuango G5 at night time while they sleep or are just relaxing during the evenings.

Do you have pets?
The Chuango PIR-910 is designed to be Pet Immune. The pet immune feature is suitable for dogs 25kg or less but this is a guide only. If your pet is likely to jump up onto furniture this can cause false alarms. If you have cat(s) the PIR-910 must be positioned away from bench tops, tables and furniture that the cat(s) is/are likely to jump up onto. If this is not taken into consideration it is likely you will experience false alarms from your system.

These are just some general questions you should consider. You can always call us on 0800 888 727 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to recommend the most suitable alarm system.