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  • Chuango RFID Swipe Tag 4 Pack

    This four pack of RFID tags can be used to arm and disarm the Chuango G5W (3G) wireless security alarm system. By holding the tag up to the G5W (3G)...
  • Chuango RFID Swipe Tags

    RFID tags can be used to arm and disarm the Chuango G5W (3G) wireless home security alarm. All you need to do is hold the tag up to the G5W...
  • Chuango Slide Cover Remote Controls
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    Chuango Slide Cover Remote Controls

    This twin pack of slide-cover remotes is a handy option if you need an extra couple of remote controls for arming and disarming your Chuango wireless alarm. The slide-cover will...
  • Chuango Smart Video Doorbell

    Chuango Smart Video Doorbell is a new addition to our Chuango smart home product range, powered by Chuango's signature form and function as well as ease of use. When someone...
  • Chuango Solar Powered 'Starter 926' Wireless Security Alarm

    This wireless solar powered outdoor local alarm system is ideal for protecting back yards, open areas, sheds and other outdoor areas. The solar powered strobe siren and PIR with Microwave...
  • Chuango Wireless Door / Window Sensor (Reed Switch)

    Wireless door / window sensors are also known as Reed switches and they detect when a door or window is opened. The DWC-102 consists of the Reed switch sensor and...
  • Chuango Wireless Door/Window Sensors Five Pack (Reed Switches)

    This 5 pack of door/window sensors is a great option is you have multiple doors and windows to protect. They are used to detect when a door or window is...
  • Chuango Wireless Flood Sensor

    Wireless floor sensors are a great device to add to your wireless security alarm. Ideally they can be used in areas of the home or workplace where flooding might occur...
  • Chuango Wireless Glass Break Sensor

    Glass break sensors are used to detect when a window is smashed or shattered. The G5-126 can cover an area of up to 6 x 6 meters so they can...
  • Chuango Wireless Indoor Mini Strobe Siren

    This mini indoor wireless strobe siren is a great addition to your Chuango security alarm system. Being wireless it can be installed anywhere indoors where there is a mains power...
  • Chuango Wireless Keypad & RFID Reader

    The KP-700 wireless keypad can be added to your Chuango wireless alarm and are ideal if you have a number of people needing to arm and disarm your alarm system....
  • Chuango Wireless Keypad & RFID Reader with 2 RFID Tags

    The KP-700T2 comes with one wireless keypad and two RFID tags. You can add a wireless keypad to your Chuango wireless alarm system at any time. Extra wireless keypads are...
  • Chuango Wireless Outdoor Mains Powered Strobe Siren

    The Chuango WS-280 wireless outdoor strobe siren is a perfect deterrent to a potential intruder. Installing a strobe siren will not only make a lot of noise if activated but...
  • Chuango Wireless Outdoor Solar Powered Strobe Siren

    This completely wireless solar powered outdoor strobe siren is a breeze to install and is ideal for locations where you cannot use a mains powered model. The Chuango SPS-260 is...
  • Chuango Wireless Pendant Panic Button

    Wireless pendant panic buttons are light enough to be carried around in your pocket or even hang from a necklace around your neck. Pressing the red panic button will send...
  • Chuango Wireless PIR Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

    The PIR-700 motion sensor has been designed to be installed on a ceiling because it provides a 360 degree detection range. This motion sensor is suitable for any indoor space...
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