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  • Chuango Wireless PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor

    Wireless motion sensors known as PIR’s are used to detect body movement in an open space. This is a pet immune PIR sensor consisting of a digital dual-core fuzzy logic...
  • Chuango Wireless PIR Pet Immune Motion Sensor 5 Pack

    This five pack of wireless motion sensors will provide you with extra protection for those additional areas around your home or office. The PIR-910 has a pet immune feature and...
  • Chuango Wireless PIR Ceiling Mount Motion Sensor

    The PIR-700 motion sensor has been designed to be installed on a ceiling because it provides a 360 degree detection range. This motion sensor is suitable for any indoor space...
  • Chuango Wireless PIR Curtain Motion Sensor

    This wireless PIR-800 curtain angle motion sensor is suitable for protecting areas where there are a lot of windows or sliding doors. Just like it's name it provides a curtain...
  • Chuango Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Dual Technology PIR

    If you have an outdoor area that needs protecting, our Chuango wireless solar powered outdoor motion sensor PIR with dual technology is the way to go. The PIR-926 has both...
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